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The ramblings and ravings of a ferret

make up your own ideas

12/27/10 09:46 pm - Seeking uk located helps

A schoolteacher friend of mine has discovered a problem. A cd he wants to pick up for his class is only available in the 
UK on amazon and itunes. Seeing as neither of us is located *in* the UK the problem is rather evident. anyone out there with advice or assistance? I'm a bit skeptical that if he gets the mp3 it'll play fine anywhere and not just in the UK as otherwise it seems like it would be pointless to sell it only in the UK.

anyways I'm not dead I'm just trying to be present in the real world hence the lack of updating.

in theory a proper update will result for those still noticing here.

9/14/10 11:31 pm - A surfeit of baking.

So I recently went on a baking kick and to be fair I'm still at it. Uab and I made a batch of chocolate sugar cookies and there's still half of it in the fridge patiently awaiting rolling and cutting etcs. I've also got a mind to give some butter cookies a shot and if i feel really ambitious I may even try checkerboard cookies.

 So this is the semi formal post asking if anyone would like some cookies? Hackwolf I know I owe you a boxful (sorry for such a long waiting time) but would anyone else like some? I can't promise to send a huge box since depending on how many people want some they may be spread a bit thin (no pun intended >.> <.<)

9/21/09 04:58 pm - Rowan

On Sunday sept 20th 2009 at approximately 1:40 pm Rowan passed away at home. It was fast and mercifully painless for him, he died due to the tumour on his spleen bursting and him bleeding out.

 Molly is still doing well and coping better than the rest of us.

I miss my puppy.

9/19/09 10:03 am - Enough slacking the entry needs to be done.

alright this is me sitting down andw riting the entry I've dreaded. The damned "Health and wellbeing of my dogs"

 I don't want to write it because I don't want to think about the fact that both my dogs are arguably living on borrowed time rowan especially but the truth of the matter is that if I am trying to keep this as a sort of memory book then it deserves note.

I'm pretty certain in the past i've mention I own two Irish red and white setters named Molly and Mowan respectively. they are siblings and 11 years old this year which is quite old for their breed type.

Anyways about a year or so ago we noticed Molly's belly was rather swollen and knowing that she was not pregnant (Rowan's fixed and she attacks other dogs long story short she's trying to protect her brother Rowan) and took her to the vet to get checked out. They did some x-rays and the result was she had a mass growing that was pushing down on her colon. The vet informed us of this and warned us that this could shorten her life considerably. Thankfully it's taken the latter route and mostly swelling slowly enough that other than her stomach looking distended and having a shorter edurance when she goes for walks there's no major change. We discussed surgery but based on her advanced age then and now as well as the fact that if it was cancerous euthanasia is considered the only option since the family has agreed we are not willing to put her through chemo as it would only likely give her 6 months more. My mother's feeling greatly echo my own on surgery in animals. Which is to prevent it and try other options typically, simply because with an animal you cannot tell them what's going on etc.

 about a week or so ago my folks noticed that rowan was urinating for longer periods and more frequently as well as drinking much more and having bad spells of poor health, he wouldn't want to get up or eat or move until we dosed him with some anti-inflammatory and eve then it took a bit of time for him to perk up. We took him into the vet and they took blood and after those results took x-rays and the results were in.

The sum total of damage is as follows:
 - Kidneys are failing it's chronic renal failure due to advanced age and no doubt not helped by the anti-inflammatory that doesn't attack the kidneys but isn't good for them either way.
- Severe arthritis
- A mass growing/grown on the spleen

The end result again being quality of life is the focus rather then general health. We've got a new anti-inflammatory for him that won't damage his kidneys and he's got acid reducers so he can actually eat and keep it down. We've started feeding him wet food to help him as well. Moreso than Molly he has good and bad days.

I find i'm taking Rowan's poor health much harder than molly's but I know why as well. When they were born each family member named a puppy and somewhat adopted them, moreso with Robyn and myself. As a result we kept Molly and rowan and it was an unspoken acknowledgement that rowan was my dog and Molly was Robyn's. In all honestly it's not something focused on and it's long since faded into everyone else's memories including mine until this surfaced and then it was shoved back into my head with no little about of surprise.

 At any rate he's dozing next to me right now and is doing better today.

This post is open unlike most of them simply so that anyone who asks for updates on rowan can see them. If things change i'll do the same as this and leave it open.

Edit: comments are off right now, not because I dislike anyone just because at this second I don't want a lot of outpourings of "Oh, i'm so sorry/i know how you feel/etc etc" I appreciate it and all it's jsut not soemthing I can deal with atm.
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4/11/09 12:13 pm - Black footed ferrets

This needed to be shared. Thanks bark.

Parks Canada set to reintroduce


black-footed ferrets to Prairies 'Thought to be unrecoverable', species last seen in Canada in 1937


8/26/07 09:27 pm - From Bitchy jones diary

Pan has birthday issues. Along the lines of, ‘Oh god, I can never enjoy my birthday. When I was seven my puppy died on my birthday.’

Not actually *that*. But along those lines. Pan had a rather tragic childhood. And then he met me…

In the morning, in bed, I said to him, ‘You met me just after you turned 23, did you expect to still be with me when you were 35?’

‘No,’ he said, ‘I didn’t expect to live this long.’

I used to know that far too well.

thank you for helping me change that. You all know who you are.

7/3/07 09:27 pm

House: (interrogating the patient when she can't decide anything) "Who's the better James Bond, Sean Connery or Daniel Craig. (no response). You see, that's not even a decision.

*Giggles like a moron* Sometimes i love this show.

6/24/07 11:52 pm - A dilemma of sorts...

So I share a decent digi cam with my sister and occassionally we fight over who gets it but on the whole it's not bad. She's been promising i could have it this week and them promptly loses it and tells me to deal. small detail for me, i was practically born with a camera i got my first real camera of my own at 12 and haven't looked back, I don't like going out unless i have a camera with me so it's a big damn deal to me. 

anyways so yea camera is missing and i'm shit outta luck, i gripe to U and my mother comes storming in and starts harping on about how she's sick of this *Though refuses to specify what exactly she's talking about.* and that we can no lnoger share a camera so i have to get my own.

Therein lies my dilemma, I want to actually get a rather professional camera at some ponti soon and am likely going to purchase one by the end of june. In the mean time I can deal but a camera or access to one would be nice. (Since i had planned a trip to ottawa wherein i was going to be doing photo shoots i kind of need one asap) The type of camera My mother wants me to get however is the kind you get from shoppers, okay but not amazing and exactly the same as what we have. It was about 200 the camera i want runs probably around 500 or so.

So what do you suggest I do? Should i just suck it up and hold off on ottawa til i get a camera? Or should i just get another crappy camera I don't really want but means i have a camera and can go to otatwa at the time i planned.

Any details feel free to ask and i'll add them as i think of them.

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6/20/07 03:32 pm - A question for you all from the Orochi...

how does one explain Kill Bill to a brit who is unfamilair with Tarantino's style?

Other answers have included:

I'd explain it as a revenge movie with heavy kung-fu B-movie overtones and an over-the-top eclectic style blending everything from 70s blaxploitation to Asian noir.

People who told me about KB STARTED with the eclecticness and Asian noir, even the bloody O-Ren Ishi-I short anime

Well, QT's movies are very odd in flavor to someone who doesn't really grok the 60s/70s B-movie pulp that they tend to hark back to

It's an homage to the gory spaghetti western films for one...*thinks* U says more than anything else it's just meant to be a flashy action movie with lots of killing and stuff;) and since i'm also unfamilair with his style and haven't even seen any of the films, i'm not the best to ask

It is an homage to old samuri films done a little more over the top than normal.

What do you guys think? *Headtilts*

Off to the library.

6/9/07 03:29 pm - You all must read this.

Partly because Faye is an icnredible sexy panda humping beast! but msotly because i think this story is cool.

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